H.M. Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan

Royal Visits

If a member of a local organisation wishes to issue an invitation to a member of the Royal Family they may submit that invitation directly to the Royal Household concerned, however, the Royal Households prefer the invitation to be submitted through the Lord Lieutenant, even where the host organisation has a Royal Patron. This allows the Lord Lieutenant the opportunity to offer an opinion on the merits of the proposal and to link it to other potential visits and invitations.

Invitations via the Lord Lieutenant should be made at least six months in advance.

The Royal Household will inform the Lord Lieutenant as soon as any decision to visit a county has been made.

In the event of an approval, the Lord Lieutenant and her staff will work with a host organisation to prepare the draft programme for approval by the Royal Household and will take the lead in co-ordinating local arrangements in conjunction with the police and event organisers, including advising on protocols, to ensure the success of the occasion for everyone involved.