H.M. Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan

The Role of HM Lord Lieutenant

The Role of Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant

The Lord Lieutenant is Her Majesty The Queen’s representative in West Glamorgan and his first and foremost duty is to uphold the dignity of the Crown.

He has pledged to involve himself in all aspects of life within the County including its civic, voluntary, business and social life,.

The Lieutenancies Act 1997 has ensured that the County of West Glamorgan remains a preserved County, that is, one of the Counties in Wales as existed immediately before the passing of the Local Government (Wales) Act 1994.

As the appointed representative of Her Majesty The Queen in the County, the Lord Lieutenant is the first citizen in the County and takes precedence on all occasions. The only exceptions are occasions of municipal business e.g. Mayoral Inauguration or Freedom ceremonies.

The duties are many and varied but may be broadly classified under the following headings:

  • To arrange visits by members of the Royal Family and to escort Royal visitors.
  • To represent Her Majesty The Queen, including duties with the Armed Forces and presenting certain honours, medals and awards.
  • To assess nominations for honours, both personal and for The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and to encourage good nominations for both.
  • To liaise with local units of Royal Navy, Army and RAF and their associated Cadet Forces.
  • To attend ceremonial, military and wreath laying ceremonies on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.
  • As Keeper of the Rolls to lead the local Magistracy as Chairman of The Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace.
  • To be involved in the business, civic and social life in the County and the voluntary sector as President or Patron of a number of organisations.
  • The Lord Lieutenant appoints a number of Deputy Lieutenants to assist him in his duties and is supported by a Clerk to the Lieutenancy.

In March 2012 Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant for West Glamorgan, D. Byron Lewis appointed as his Vice Lord Lieutenant, Dr. Edward M. Roberts DL.

The role of the Vice Lord Lieutenant is to act for Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant during his absence from the County, through sickness or other inability to act.

There are also 24 other Deputy Lieutenants for West Glamorgan who represent the Lord Lieutenant at his request when necessary.

The names of the 24 other Deputy Lieutenants as at September 2019 are:-

  • Mrs Jane E. Clayton DL
  • Mrs Elizabeth A. Davis JP DL
  • The Reverend Canon Keith Evans
  • Squadron Leader Phillip C. Flower MBE DL
  • Reverend Lionel Hopkins MBE DL
  • Mr Philip L. Hunkin DL
  • Mrs Joanna L. Jenkins MBE JP DL
  • Mr Martyn S. Jenkins DL
  • Dr R. Bryn John OStJ DL
  • Lt. Commander Jill E. Johnson QARNNS(R) RD, DL
  • Mr Peter E. M Jones DL
  • Mr Rowland W.P. Jones DL
  • Major G. Lynn Martin DL
  • Mr Stephanos N. Mastoris DL
  • Mr Mark L. Mathias QPM DL
  • Mrs Gaynor M. Richards MBE DL
  • Mr Kenneth R. Sawyers OBE DL (Clerk to Lieutenancy)
  • Mr Peter D. Scott DL
  • Mr Roger Ll. Smith OStJ JP DL
  • Captain Brian J Thorne RD DL RNR
  • Mr Huw Tregelles Williams OBE DL
  • Mr Martin A. Trainer JP DL
  • Mrs Carolyn Wheeler JP DL
  • Mr Robert H. P Williams DL